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Monday, May 28, 2012

Rescue swimmer number One, come in 008

Updating for the sake of updating, who doesn't do that, really?
Anycase, not too much has happen, since I'm way too dedicated to embroidery, to actually have a life, oh well, at least I'm never bored, haha.
I've gotten my blond wigs, and I'm loving them /especially this one to death, fluffy and blond and just, I think I look okay in 'em xD

After my sisters confirmation, there was my cousins, and I decided I'd wear my new platforms and a skirt, holy smokes, first time in years! Props, somebody give me props!

Everybody commented on the skirt, made me feel seriously uncomfortable, haha. I'm one of those people that always forget to bring a spare set of clothes, even though I know that I'll probably need it.

My mom played around with my iSwag, trying to figure out if she wants one as well, she's the type that goes out and buys a phone without doing any sort of research and ends up hating it, oh that generation 8D

 I've also been working on re-vamping a make-up tutorial, and I DID film it, the file just ended up being corrupt, thank you very much, I hate you.

And an attractive photo-collab of me and my girlfriend in con-land 8D

And by the way, had the best sunday yesterday! <3


  1. those flatforms are uhhmaaaaaziiiiing. And you hair is so big! (is it full of secrets?)
    I hope you got my mean girls reference, or that was a cringe-worthy comment.
    Ashley x

    1. I NOE!! SO GOOD <3
      And uhmahgawd, that's so fetch <3

  2. WOP WOP WHITE HURR FTW! And yay you wrote the platforms >: D HOHOHO~!