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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quintin is like pouring her more wine

As you can see, the color rinses out quickly, but that was the plan, but now I'm not sure as to what I want to do with my hair, do I want it blond, or do I actually want to keep it blue?
My new dilemma is mostly caused by the fact that I've ordered new extensions /since my dark ones CANNOT be bleached lighter/ ordered two sets from, very excited about getting them, since I've heard great stuff about their stuff. BUT, if /when the dye has been washed out of my hair the exte's doesn't match, do I want to bother matching them up, or just turn it all blue?

Anycase, the other day I went on a small shopping trip, mostly needing to re-stock some of my make-up and other stuff.

I got home with a new foundation, since my old one is pretty much empty, and I wanted to try a new brand, and I'm already much more happy about Dream satin liquid, it's much less shiny than Match perfection, now I don't need too much powder, awesome.

Also got an eyeshadow palette, from H&M, just because I could, and wanted some more shiny shadows, and I don't knock down brands before I've tried them.

Also, from H&M. I accidently bought some new sneakers, oops, OOPS


  1. I didn't hear good stuff about the Rimmel foundation at all, but TONS of people love the Dream Satin Liquid. lol *makeup derps all day err'day* You should try Revlon if you haven't already.. or Makeup Forever HD. It's fucking awesome and it actually doesn't look as "made up" as if you'd wear a cheaper foundation. It's pricey tho.. but Revlon ColorStay Active is bloody awesome if you don't need too much coverage. AND DUDE I DIG YO' HAIR DOOOO~ the icy blonde looks nice : D

    1. The Rimmel one have worked fine to me, except from the shine xD
      I don't feel like spending too much of stuff I'm gonna smush on my face, if I feel good about the cheaper stuff, fufufufu. If I get a chance I miiight try it 8D /cheap ass
      But thank yew, babeh~