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Sunday, July 29, 2012

You're a Carl?

No lenses, oh my gosh! SCANDALOUS
Today has been a long, but a good week.
At work I've been painting as if my life depended on it, benches, a shed and a wooden swing set.
Coming home from work, I've been seriously hungry, so my new go-to snack is greek yogurt, with müsli and some syrup, all of the noms.
Wednesday (I think), my mom came by to pick up her GPS, but decided to also bring me to the city of Helsingør, the fisherman's city, oh yes! We walked around the city, looked at the stands at the local flee market, don't you just love them belt buckles? They were huuuge!
Afterwards a little trip to the beach, I don't know how she talked me into it, I hate the beach, well not the beach as much as the sand 8D

And for the people who's interested in Denmark's local architecture, here's some of it, at least the old preserved buildings. These have also convinced me that danish people were only 160 cm at the time they were build. Even I bump my head going in.

And I'm not that pale btw, I have no idea what you're talking about? GOSH

Friday my lovely came by and we went out for a trip downtown and bought breakfast for Saturday, since we felt like being seriously fattychans. And oh god those flapjacks, delicious goodness.

For dinner we bought a pita and bagel and went to eat by the castle garden, and was visited by a duck, that Mie named Tanne, since it somehow reminded her of her dog, because logic.
A couple of swans came by too, but I'm not gonna show you the video, because I think I embarrass myself enough on the internet as it already is.

So shoppingstuff of the week.
I bought some earrings and a necklace I've been eyeing for some time, and now that they were on sale, I couldn't help myself. Also some simple ones and a cross-charm.
If you can't guess from the picture (and wth is that shadow making my eyebrow looking weird?) I got a new piercing! I've been thinking about getting it for a while, and when I went with my mom to the piercers, to have hers changed, she offered to buy me mine! And after a few minutes of shock, I agreed, and I'm really happy about it.
Also a tin-box for my extensions, looks good and a good way to store your extensions.
And because you know that I am me, and have absolutely no self-restriction, I got myself some movies; Red Eye, the Manchurian Candidate, Calibre 45, Hook, Will & Grace season 2, Die Hard and Hancock.

So that was it this time around! Hope you enjoyed yourself.


  1. It seems all we do is eat and buy stuff.. and then eat some more. Le fatty chans <3

  2. The old buildings in Denmark are so cute, imo! We only have a few left in Aalborg, but they're so adorable and multi-colored~

    Oh my gosh, you and Mie's breakfast looks so amazing *w*

    And tragus-piercings are so nice :D I've had mine since I was 16 - I rarely wear jewelery in it, though. With my headphones it's impossible to wear the piercing and listen to music at the same time D:

  3. you guys and your food >: D NOMS. I'm shit scared of big birds (birds in general) so I admire you guys for being so brave and not running away from Tanne screaming ^__^")/ -gives props-
    I dig your extensions, tragus piercings are always sexual (I want one too!) and you don't look bad without lenses ok. Cutie cutie indeed! ^__^)/ ENJOYING THE DANISH HEAT ARE Y'ALL?

  4. I love the earrings and the necklace so awesome. The buildings are so pretty, I wish we had more buildings like that here in Sweden.