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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh my gosh, you're finally being a man

I felt like I owed all you followers an update! A lot has happen, and it's just really a crazy life right now, so no walls of text /when was there ever?
So just some pictures and a little about them.

Some weeks ago I went to the danish amusement park called Bon Bon Land, with my girlfriend, you could get tickets for real cheap, since this is usually a really expensive place to go, we decided to go instantly!
And had a really great time, and my girl was so daring on all the rides, m'kaay~

As I said in my room tour video, it was close to moving, so two weeks ago, I moved back in with my dad /temporarily, until we can find Love Mustache Crib 2.0
This picture is almost my entire room guys, I'm really not kidding, but as you can see Boy is still with me and he's adjusting okay to the new place.

Shortly after that, I started school! Oh yes, and I'm doing my best to keep up you guys, and it seems to be working, nice!
But oh god, I forgot how rough PE is, especially now that my knees aren't in their best condition at all. Gotten a few kicks and balls to the knees, and that means a lot of sitting out, but oh well. As long as I'm doing my best, right?

At the end of last month I was invited to Mie's parents co-birthday dinner, with a lot of ... educated people, a lot of them will hopefully be my teachers in two years, a little pressure much?
But the food was freakishly delicious, and I ate sooo many shrimps, /Me + Shrimps = OTP

This last weekend was the last weekend together with Mie, before she left for Japan, where she'll be studying until February, so we made the best of it, sooo... no shots of us together, I was in the moment, except when there was seafood on the table, so good, I can't even. All of my love for shellfish and the food my "family-in-law" makes, noms.

I had gotten Mie a copy of the Hunger Games, so she'd gotten me a Blue-Ray of the Avengers, so of course they were the movies to watch, all of the feels and the laughter. <3 br="br">

So I'm slowly getting bored with my hairstyle again, or I don't know if it's the hairstyle as much as it's the color of it, maybe it's because on a day to day basis, I look LESS than impressing, /I just want to sleep, okay and I can see all the imperfections in the gradient, and it just urks me so much.
I wanna cut my hair short again, just so I can actually manage to look half decent and not like a hobo at school, but on the other hand... why bother? And I spend this long trying to grow my hair out and it's finally getting some length.. >Sigh< I just don't know you guys.

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  1. I am considering getting short hair because my mane as it is, is unbearable in this heat :C