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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing.

Guys... What happen? I used to be SOOO good at updating my blog.
Oh well, it's not like my life is crazy interesting, but still... I will do my best! And if you haven't noticed, I've actually uploaded two videos to youtube, so I haven't been THAT lazy, now have I? Also got rid of the anno 2009 username, finally.

I haven't taken that many pictures, but I still have stuff to share.
Like the origins of the 'Y U NO' meme face, from the Gantz manga, I was stupidly excited about this, because it's like one of my few wins in life 8D

Oh yeah, it was my birthday the 7th, and I turned 22, whoop whoop, now I'm planning to not get older, since it's my lucky number and all. Think I'll stay like this a couple of years, and then people might start believing, I'm not 17.
But anycase, this is how my mom hid my gift. . . . . . . . . it was a suitcase xD

My everyday life is school school and school, but we have fall break coming up, and I'll be visiting some friends, so very excited about that!

If you haven't watched my newest vlog, then you haven't seen I dyed some of my hair blue, and I tried out a braided hairstyle, and might do just... the simplest and easiest tutorial on this sometime, because I think it's pretty neat. Dosen't go well with sensitive scalps though xD

As most of you know, Halloween is coming up, and I've yet to find a party to attend, might actually celebrate with my class, if none of my friends get their act together. FEARLESS.
SO yeah, I'm doing 2D, because I'm an adult, and I do as I please. But oh gosh, do I want schlera's so bad right now, ngh~

I also got a carepackage, from my loveliest, and, omg... just... so good <3 a="a" and="and" as="as" br="br" cute="cute" note="note" really="really" well.="well.">AND AND AND AND BIG NEWS! I'm visiting her over Christmas and New Years, and I promise I'll do my very best to get pictures and video for the blog!

And ending with some foodporn, because I make delicious food and those apples look uhmazing! + Birthday cake, that tasted sorta weird, but it's all good!


  1. Do I spot Wagamama nomz? D: EITHER WAY... I like that braid on you, bro ; D it's sexual!

  2. No you do not, it's homemade like a frickin' BAWS <3

  3. Well then I know what you'll be making me for dinner soon. Yep.