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Monday, December 31, 2012

Japan is a-Go (Photoheavy?)

First update after a little over a week in Japan! Woohoo~
First week has been shopping and sight-seeing (aka more shopping), and I've filmed more than I've taken pictures, so you should really check out my channel to see all the places that I've been and just, cha know~

I took the plane from Kastrup, and I'm traveling with Aeroflot, and can't say much about the company since.... This is my first time flying since I was twelve, but I was very pleased with the second flight I was on from Moscow /My own screen, booya

Mie picked me up at the airport, which led to much goodtime and cuddles, I was so happy to see her again, and I don't know... it sorta didn't feel like we've been away from each other for as long as we actually have, which is nice!

We're staying at a hotel in the Shinjuku area and I will hopefully get to make a video review about this place, because it's much better than I expected. And also cheap for what we're getting. /Free interwebs, woohoo!

We have eaten out pretty much every night, just because it's extremely cheap, if you go to the right places. 30 DKR to feel full for hours? Yes please, thank you.

For Christmas we went to Mie's dads place out in the country, like way out in the country, like... 50 minutes outside of Tokyo. Yup.
It was pretty nice getting out of the busy city and see how the countryside actually is, since it's something tourists doesn't emerge themselves in. Aaand what do you do when it's nice and quiet? You take naps.

And ohmahgosh, christmasgifts /two shirts, Darth Vader chopsticks, fake eyelash container, Disney world tickets, lots of candy and stupid USD from my dad XD;

Oh yeah, since I'm in Japan, couldn't help myself and dyed my hair, first and ashybrown, which washed out instantly, and now it's a light purple dark pink, which... you can sorta tell.. maybe not really.

Oh yeah, false lashes is also happening here, I know. Madness, but here's some outfits 8D

I still have more pictures to share, of my hauls and whatnot, but you will get to see that when I want to sit down with all that, since it takes way too long to write and edit:
so until next time, GO TO YOUTUBE 8D

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