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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Selca's from Japan

What can I say... I camwhored in Japan as well, more than I've done at home for a while, SO HAVE A POST WITH MY FACE!

If you haven't seen it, go look at the ALMOST complete haul here

This was the first time I wore lashes /for fashion purposes EVER, and tbh, I felt way overdone and a little silly, since I've only used lashes for cosplay before. But I have to admit that lashes DOES give the make-up that.. POP

I'm wearing my GALAXY shirt from Harajuku, anyone that have been shopping with me, knows that I love baseball tee's and I just thought it looked awesome. And my necklace from Pariskids.

I also realized I could actually take pictures of my outfits /which I haven't done in forever, so did not do it everyday, just because of awkward
I got a red checkered button up, and I've wanted one in forever, so I really like it a lot, except from the color is slightly annoying. Also wearing thigh-high illusion tights, which I love! I've bought two pairs, just because I know I will be using them a lot!
And my favorite pair of boots that I got on my second day!

And I bought a Superman shirt, because fuck yes! I really wanted a blue pull-over Superman shirt, but they were only black in the stores, and the display one was too small for my comfort, boo! But I do like this one, so it's okay!

Here I'm wearing a hoodie I got in Harajuku, which has bat-sleeves, a big hood and a huge cross on the back, also a skeleton hand necklace with golden chain, I looove this necklace so much, the gold chain just makes it look a little more classy. Also a pair of stockings that, if you have tumblr, and just go to some fashion blogs, you've probably seen, and I think they're extremely awesome, and I'm kinda sad I did not buy back-up ones, because they're so thin and break easily. /And yes, my legs aren't symmetrical, no, it's not the tights.

This is my new years outfit, and oh my gosh, my hair is styled differently! I know, what is this madness?
I'm wearing earrings and a cuff claire's and a long sleeved t-shirt with crosses, it's so comfortable, oh my god.

I decided I had to wear my Hysteric Glamour T-shirt, before I left Japan, so this was one of the days, and then a spiky necklace that I got with one of the shirts I bought /Denmark, why don't you have stuff like that?

Outfit from my last full day in Japan, wearing my Pariskids ECG necklace and cross bracelet, forever21 stud necklace. ANAP Boy dress pullover, G.U. tank-top.. dress thing /YES IT'S A SKIRT OKAY! I WORE IT! OUTSIDE! and my Bonita red biker boots.

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