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Friday, February 1, 2013

Shibuya staying Stylish

Of course we had to go to Shibuya as well, and I have to admit... my first reaction was 'THIS PLACE IS SO SMALL', of course it's big, but it's not at all as huge as I was led to believe by pictures and video. The Shibuya crossing and the 109 tower is just... tiny!

Before going anywhere, Mie thought I should get the real tourist shot with the statue of Hachiko. Which I didn't want to at first, but right now I'm glad that I did, just because it's a story that brings up a lot of feelings in me, and well.. yes.

And excuse you Japan and your huge posters that I needed to take home with me!

I think this picture sorta shows how small the tower is, but not really, might just be because I actually know how small it is, haha. We were there on a sunday /ie; the day off and the New Years sale had just started so the amount of people were so overwhelming!

A closer view of the tower and building, classic Shibuya shot, I know, haha.

Also a shot from one of the sidestreets where there's loads of shops as well, definitely worth a look.

Much more info and area shots in this video!

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