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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Treat them right, eh Lex?

I was going to write a ramble, but you know what? Doesn't matter. Let me just share some recent outfits.

Earring: Paris Kids ||| Necklace: Forever21 ||| Shirt: Gina Tricot ||| Tights: H&M ||| Booties: Bonita

Can I just explain how much I love these tights? I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them, even though money is tight <<; - But me only buying bottoms 2 times a year, I allowed myself.
I don't wear this shirt often, I really love the design,but I feel like it gives me such a weird shape, not that you might be able to tell off of this picture, but it worked alright to show off my tights.

Necklace: Offbrand ||| Shirt: In Field ||| Jeans: New Yorker

This wasn't really meant to be an inspiring outfit at all, I just wore it for school, but I love this shirt a lot and I think it really makes plain jeans much more fun!
I'm also getting fond of darker make-up with my light hair.

Necklace: Forever21 ||| Shirt: Elvence ||| Shorts: Off-brand ||| Boots: Bonita

Can I just explain how much I love this stud-necklace? I were it so much, just because it goes with everything! And my plaid button-down... well... Not going to lie, I wear it a lot as well, because.. queer.
My legs has a really weird shape because of the outline of my boots and socks, which I also decided to ditch afterwards 8D

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