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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You can't hide forever

Since I've 'come out' on tumblr, I should do it here too, now shouldn't I?

So a little over a week ago, I decided I was again bored with my hair. Even though I actually really loved the purple sheen, aand how clear my skin actually looked with it /not that I have major issues in that area, not gonna complain.
I felt that it was way too dark for me, in terms of clothing. I don't know how it happen, but I ended up buying mostly black clothes in Japan, and having dark hair made it waaay too much ... darkness?

Anycase, I admit that there wasn't much thought to what was going to happen, I found a leftover bleach in my moving boxes and decided to just go ahead, and see what I'd end up with.

This wasn't the actual result of the first bleach, I do admit that. BUT it was pretty damn close - I expected to have a lot of brassy tones, since purple and red is the two colors that are most pigmented and are prone to stain hair.
But alas, my trusted bleach did a great job and I ended up with an overall honey blonde with some yellow tones, which I've slowly been toning away, and this here is the newest picture I have to share, though I have toned it since and it's going very well so far.
I'm hoping to reach some form of platinum blonde so far, the rest is unsure! :D

The products I've used are:
L'Oreal Paris - Perfect Blonde Creme [MAXIMUM] - This is my favorite over the counter bleach, contrary to most in-store bleaches, this one has the added blue pigment that is needed to give the best bleach. /the bottle is also a 120 ml, instead of the regular 60 ml
Directions Lagoon Blue hairdye + cheap shampoo and conditioner - For mixing my own toner.
Purple conditioner (from old package) - For toning and canceling out the green tones from the blue toner.

There's still a lot to be said and shown, but I am working on a video to show you the actual process and final result, and I'm hoping to be able to publish it soon!

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  1. I can't get that kinda blond when I bleach my hair. My hair end up all yellow D: