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Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY'spiration: A little Cut, A little Patch

If you have followed the blog, for just a short while, you'd know I'm a creative one, I don't like to just sit around, even when doing my favorite thing; watching movies - I still need to work with something, so I do a lot of DIY, for decoration purposes and fashion.

So  I thought I'd share, with my fellow DIY'ers, two of the easiest things to custom-make yourself for cheap, instead of paying big money for 'a basic with a few holes'.

A  l i t t l e  C u t

You will need:
 - A basic top or legging (preferably something that's stretchy and doesn't shed)
 - A scissor

If you don't just want to give it a go from the start, make out a template of the shape that you want and draw it onto your shirt or leggings. No matter what, it's always good to have guidelines. Once you got that, you can either cut the exact shape that you want, or make small cuts and stretch out the holes like the second picture.
This is super simple and it's a fun way to be creative with old shirts you got lying around that you don't use anymore, or if you want to have your own unique, low-cost, wardrobe!

A little Patch

You will need:
- A basic of your choosing
- Beads, studs, fabric and lace. (whichever thing you're doing)
- Needle, thread and scissor

This one requires a little more work than the first, but is just as fun. You can be inspired by branded leggings like the top ones, or DIY's like the two bottom ones, or come up with your very own design!
Go on adventure in your own wardrobe, maybe there's some shirts there with some cool prints that are too small to fit or you just don't think fit you anymore, make use of them by customizing a basic. Maybe your local fabric or craft store

- Remember that if you're sewing in tight-fitting stretchy fabric, like leggings, it's a good idea to patch in one while wearing them, so the design fits on perfectly!


  1. I really like this entry. It's so... inspiring.
    I always knew you could do stuff like that yourself but after reading your entry now I feel the first time like actually doing it. (*´・v・)

    1. Awh, I'm so glad! That's exactly why I made this entry.
      I know from myself, that even though I'm aware that I can DIY something without much effort, I sometimes just need that small push or realization that "Oh it's actually THAT easy?"

      You should definitely share your creation on your blog, so I can scope it out :D