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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shopping + Dat look

Yesterday I had to do some shopping, and decided to wear my new ROMWE leggings (that you might have seen here), ugh, they're so lovely! I feel sorta weird about wearing them, because my legs are anything but straight, and the tights move around a little so I look bow-legged, but... WHATEVER THEY'RE FAB, YES.

I'm hating the weather we're having, it keeps getting a little warmer and then freezing again, but on the plus side, the brands have to expand their winter line just a little more, which means that the fabrictypes and shapes are just my kind of thing right now!
Not that I got too much interesting stuff, because.. I should save money (or order from ROMWE again 8D)

1 zipper-hoodie from New Yorker + 1 semi-circle skirt from H&M + 1 basic white Tee (to be customized)

It's been years since I owned a dark basic hoodie, and I have been looking around and when I saw this, I knew I had to have it, it's not as large as my other hoodies, and it's thick without being unbearable when the sun is out.
The skirt.... what can I say, I have liked the appeal of circle-skirts for long, and I've just been thinking about them a lot lately, so when I found this skirt for cheap, I decided that it was to be mine, haha. Hopefully I will get good use out of it!

And a 'Rosemary'-inspired necklace from New Yorker, I have no excuse for this other than I wanted it!


  1. Very cute!! I noticed, however, that ROMWE sells a lot of stuff that Chinese sellers also sell--the awesome spiked leggings are only $9.66 shipped on eBay: . Just wanted to let you know ^^. I think I would also like to buy myself a pair.

  2. GURL u so cute :'D Love the leggings! AND YO HURRRRR

  3. The medium fits me perfectly everywhere except the arms which are a little baggy, but i'm not complaining about This mens leather jackets is much nicer in person. I like its good fit and pretty style.