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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Biebs & Mustache Crib 1.5

Ooooh, my dear blog readers, it's been a while, and I'm not sorry, because... No reason to blog about uninteresting stuff is there?
BUT THIS TIME I GOT SOME STUFF TO SHARE! Oooh baby. (Baby, baby, oooh)

Last weekend I attended the danish BELIEVE concert of Justin Bieber, and I wore my 'custom' shirt 8D I felt super pretty, oh so pretty.

I used most of the day to listen to the tracks on BELIEVE, since... Okay, I'm not an all an avid fan, so I had no idea what to expect, and I got to admit, that most of the songs were very much not to my liking, and he's just too nasal when he tries to be 'emotional'.
Anycase! Arriving at the venue with my step-sister and girlfriend, we could pretty much walk right in, since we had seated tickets, VERY NICE BTW. We got to see the place fill up, which was pretty fun, and discovered that neon pink and neon green bodysuits are the SHIZZ between youngsters at the moment.

Now the actual ACTUAL concert didn't start until three hours after 'ticket time',  two hours AFTER the warm-up. Something I think is very disrespectful to the people attending, I'm sorry boyfriend Biebs, but Bryan Adams were on stage 15 minutes after warm-up, and that's how it supposed to be, mutual respect for each others time. I get that there can be delays and technical difficulties, but I also know that when these things occur, the audience is notified, and here we were just left hanging, edging on our seats, because no one wants to accidentally miss the start of the whole thing.

BUT BUT BUT! When the concert started properly it was an amazing show, and the intro was a mix of the newest hits and presenting him was the OST of Prometheus, excuse me and my semi-Alien feels.
I'm very happy I got to experience Justin Bieber live, but after feeling the collective 'fuck you I do what I want', it's a last for me.

In other news; I've moved!
I got a dorm room, since my dad will be moving soon, and me and mustacheranger have had bad luck finding a place (still looking though), this is a temporary solution, but very close to my school and a decent size, so far I'm very content. Also have greenery outside my window, which is very nice!

Today is nothing special other than homework, but I still felt like dressing up a little, since I dug out this tank-top I got from a Norwegian friend /way back, and I just had to wear it asap!
And holy god, my hair is getting so long, and I want to cut it, but I'm so afraid of cutting it uneven XD


  1. I want a pic of your place asap ok! D: decorated and all! And omg I saw the cutest tshirt downtown with all different kinds of mustaches on it - something u want, hm? >: D

    1. Doing my best to make everything pretty and presentable XD Just need my dad to put up pictures and my big mirror 8D
      And oh god huns, I live for mustaches! ;w; <3