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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Boys and Galaxies [dat look]

Thought I'd just update with some outfits before going to bed, because I can!

 Shirt ; ROMWE Boy pullover || Booties ; Bonita

Was going to 'babysit' my BFF, Hayes, so just wore something casual and no lashes 8D
The sweater is much shorter and smaller than what I usually wear, but I do love it a lot and I love the thickness of the print, so I will deal with it, haha.

 Skirt ; H&M

Last weekend me and my girl where going out to eat with two friends, Sasha and Allan, and I used it as an excuse to wear my new skirt. It's VERY high-waisted, so I think it looks a little weird if my shirt aren't tugged, something I've disliked before, but I think I miiight get used to it, just like the skirt, haha.
We had a good time with lots of poo-jokes /it's a story of spilled milkshake and awesome staff and some nerdy con + cosplay talks.

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