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Friday, September 6, 2013

My top 6 Favorite Haircolors

It's no secret that I'm a very vigilant dye-harder, and I've been through my share of haircolors, and thought, since I'm a good place with my haircolor, that I'd do a look-back on my all-time favorite hair colors.

Here we go!

No. 1 - Wine Red

My all time favorite is definitely my dark red hair, I almost NEVER dreamt about other colors. Even though it was a slight bitch to maintain, it inspired me the most, and I felt very confident in this.

No. 2 - Matthew "Dumbo" Nguyen inspi - Black/Red

I imidiately fell in love with Dumbo's variation of this hair, and I felt very awesome having it, since I'm just the biggest sucker for obvious two-tone hair. I didn't have it for too long, but never ONCE hated having this dye.

No. 3 - White Hair

My current hair, it's on my list of 'most want'-haircolors, and even though it's a pain to maintain, and it takes a toll on your hair and it's very easy to mess up, which gives me down days. But it's just, ugh. I feel young, but grown-up and just right, I'm so happy that I made the transition from darker hair to this. So far I've not had any dreams of changing.

No. 4 - Purple~Red

A color I got while in Japan, and it was the biggest bitch EVER to maintain, like dying my hair every 4th day. But ugh, I thought it looked so bad ass when it was newly dyed. (My white shirts didn't though)

No. 5 - Black

Easy, breezy, black. My hair almost always felt healthy and I think solid black hair is extremely gorgeous, but it's definitely a back-up color of mine, since I get bored of it easily.

No. 6 - Orange

Not many are into this color, especially when it's not natural, but heck. I feel awesome whenever I have orange hair, it's an unusual color to have, when you got my hairtexture, so every time I stumble into it, I do have a few weeks of awesome feels.
Though now I don't know if I'll ever go back to it willingly, because it is stepping over some boundaries, even for me


  1. Cool, i really love the 1, 5 snd 6

    Regards :)

  2. I love the first color :)
    actually all these colors are really pretty!
    Bubble my Licorice