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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Naturigin EXTREME ASH BLONDE 11.2

Just a tiny update, since it was time for me to dye my roots, and since the Naturigin was 50% off, I decided it was time for me to try out THIS over the counter bleach.

As a product, it has everything I love, or rather the lack of things I hate. Though because of this, I did prepare for this dye to not be strong enough to bleach my roots completely.

The Bleach: Mixing it is easy as any over the counter, and I felt like it was a decent amount (50ml/50ml).
The consistency though, made it very hard to apply and keep on my head, since it's VERY liquid, which is very rare for bleaches, but on the other hand it made it much easier to move around and actually cover evenly.
I actually, on a venture, blended it into the lengths of my hair as well, since I had some patchy yellow pieces I  wanted lifted.


I kept the dye in for the recommended 30 minutes, and to my surprise, the bleach actually turned blue, which I LOVED, very nice surprise, for a girl like me who wants very light hair.
I washed it out and added a violet conditioner, to counter the orange tone of my roots.

*My natural roots are slightly darker, but oh iPhone
I could DEFINITELY feel the difference in my hair, it didn't feel as dried out as it does with the stronger bleaches, and my lengths hasn't taking as much damage as it could've.

BUT it still didn't bleach my roots enough at all, this might be due to the fact that I have VERY strong hair that doesn't lighten easily. IT did lift and tone my yellow patches brilliantly though!
You know your hair best, this might work really good for you guys with thinner hair.

And then have some selca's to get a better idea of the color of my hair
Hope this helps you with your own hair adventures!

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  1. Uuuh I am sitting with this hair dye in right now :3 and reading this, just totally calm me down.. Thank you! I hope mine turn out great as well :3