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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A busy Christmas Schedule!

Officially off for the rest of the year, school starts up on January 8th and I have a few plans in between that, so let's see what I'm doing as of now:

19th Dec: Finally seeing my babu
20th Dec: Buying the last christmas presents with my sister
24th-25th Dec: Christmas Eve
27th-28th Dec: Emi's visiting
31th Dec -1st Jan: New Years Eve
4th-7th Jan: Going to England with babu

In between that there'll be sleeping in and long nights of research for my big assignment in January.
After school yesterday I went to Copenhagen to get a few gifts, as well as hang out with Emi, who's on the island during christmas, she vlogged while we were out so if you're interested, here's the video 8D

Did you guys hear that China has banned shark fin soup from official banquets? I'm so proud of you China ;w; even though it's mostly for financial reasons, it's still a big step forward in the preserving of sharks
Future generations should have the same right as me to have an irrational fear of them!

Full PlayCute & Demi-Diamond Lash
With summer sunset-shadow

And my haircolor is seriously out of this world right now, can we just? I'm wondering if I should make a tutorial about how to get pastel hair? I know that a lot of blogs have this already, but people still ask about it, so would you guys be interested?


  1. can i just ask which lenses you are wearingggg ; w ; you're really prettyyyy

    1. Guh, you're too sweet, thank you so much.
      And lenses? What are you talking about lenses? 8D ...... Okay, honestly I have no idea what they're called, since I don't get too hung up on brands or names (which is stupid, I totally should)
      My eyes are a rusty brown, so the lenses enhances it more than it changes it, but I'm almost definite that these are the same lenses: