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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Storms, Movies and Shopping

Wow, another update, I think I'm definitely getting better, huh?
Thursday and friday there was another storm with hurricane strength in Denmark, it's worth a mention, since it's rare for Denmark for have such extreme weather, especially because there's just been a storm in October.
anyways, I live right by the coast, which meant worse weather than most places, a lot of roads has washed away, property damaged, and broken trees in all backyards.

I walk under this tree every morning, it's uprooted, but hasn't been removed yet - and a heavy fog covered most of the northern Island, usually I have a clear view of the horizon, but not today.

Yesterday I went to Copenhagen with babulicious, to look for christmas presents, use my bonuscards at H&M, get hairdye and watch Catching Fire.

We went to our regular mall, and of course had dinner at The President, because their burgers are just... yes please. All their burgers are named after american presidents and ministers, my favorite one is Quincy Adams - Mie had Nixon.


My haul is simple, but very lovely I must say.

I've eyed the flower shirt the few times I've been to h&m, and if you look back you can see I found a Pug T-shirt that I wanted, but this one.. This one is much better 8D

I've been running low on my toner and decided I might as well get two dyes, so I have good stock. I use the Directions Lagoon Blue with loooooads of conditioner to get the pastel tone :D

Are we going to discuss this tub of popcorn and coke?  I believe we are!
I always want a large coke when I go to the movies, because medium just doesn't cover my needs. But I guess that's only in my usual theatre, because CinamaxX's large is A LITER OF COKE. Thank you but no thank you. I've learned my lesson (didn't even finish half! While Mie ate all of the popcorn XD Hunger Games indeed)

 I really liked the movie, it was more flawed than the first one, in the sense that they've changed up the timeline and the time and action of a lot of interactions, but actually also used DIRECT text to speech from the book, which I personally think is awesome and adds flavour.
I'm currently more than halfway through the book, and I'm pretty happy I didn't get to finish it in time for the viewing, because I would probably have been too distracted by the changes. Other than that, I will hop on the bandwagon and say that Jennifer Lawrence is an UH-mazing actress, if the movies could be 5 hours long, I believe that she could embody Katniss' character perfectly. Also.... I ship her with Peeta so much in the movies, because Josh Hutchersen is such a sweetie Peeta, can we just.

ALSO, if you're interested in movies like the Hunger Games, but also a flavor of the Bourne universe, you should look up Hanna, I was pleasantly surprised by it and thoroughly entranced throughout.

simple outfit, since I had school before going out 8D

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