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Friday, July 16, 2010

better recognize, like looking in the mirror

Kigurumi is too hot to wear entirely XP

Great times!!
Today, me, Hopes, Bine and Shiro (as cameraman), met up to do some para videoes.
Since we gotta use some for the panel at Genki, and also the staff ~

So.. yay!
We could've done more, but it's just too hot, and we just gotta... step it up XD

but good times

TRI FORCE! (we miss you Kiba <3)
Yesterday I went to my-luve-mustache-buddy aka Sabine's place, to practice and make cosplaystuff!
We had raging good times and ate very well :3

SEE! SEE! I'm actually sewing something XD
<- Mess on that side is Bine's, fufufufu

Most we did was talk about Love Mustache, gossip and cosplay XD Not nearly enough para, ohlulz
And guess how long we did that. From 12 pm to 3 am. Exactly.
You wish you could hang out with us >D

Oh yææs~ all I need now is ugly pink shirt!
And btw.. I could totally get a job in China.

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  1. haha jeg ville elske hvis du fik job som syerske i kina! :D det ville være så epic sejt!

    lyder som nogle gode dage! yay!