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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

haven't got a clue

Looking so handsomu desu ne~ ?  -->

Today I met up with Hayes!
And we went to CPH to get his chin pierced >D notrly, but it's not really the lip either, right? XD
It was gewd~ except we had to wait in FOREVER! But Jack was REALLY nice to us, and more American than danish = A++ in my book XD
If I'm getting pierced, I want that guy to do it!

Afterwards we just found a step to sit on and relax, a guy drew us XD And pretty neatly too! I should've taken a picture, boo.
And then we went to my place.. which is where we are now! FUFUFUFUFU

In other COSPLAY RELATED news.

I've started working on my Shuichi cosplay, I've bought fabrics, wig and kahki's (which my pretty pretty picture shows XD)
I'm really excited about this! I need to get my sewing machine fixed quick!

I couldn't help myself and also bought another wig, for a cosplay I've wanted to do.
'Ume' from Air Gear :3
It's simple, easy and just all around cute!

I'm hoping to have them finished for Genki :3


  1. UME IS SO SCARY xD ahhahaha with all the dolls and stuff xD lul.

    Lol Shuichi xD haha! He's so annoyingly cute! <3


    lol, det er stadig en labret når den sidder ved underlæben :)
    Ellers skulle hun jo have fået lavet skindyvers eller andet shit.

    Hils hende og sig hun skal passe på sit tandkød (!!)