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Sunday, July 18, 2010

oh gawd, it's turning

Aarh! Stupid sun stupid sun!

Yesterday was good day aswell!
Lurvemustachebuddy had a birthday gathering in CPH, but my body was so busted, I couldn't go >>;;

So around 6 my dad picked me up, and we went to our FAVE FAVE FAVE chinese restuarant, with delicious buffet, nom!
I got so fat XD I almost ate too much, felt kinda sick afterwards... IT'S WORTH IT!

Then we went for a drive out on the country.
Yes. Very much the country

Yes... Denmark it's actually this flat.
The horizon is like... 30-40 kilometers away


My babylurvemustachebuddeeeh allowed me to come over late last night, to do some more sewing, fuu <3
We've been hanging out way too much, a sea of internal jokes is emerging! XD

Anygays! I finished the shirt for my Ume cosplay

it's so nice and soft and nom nom nom <3

I still don't know, what I'll do for the bottom...
I'm considering wearing stripey kneesocks and shorts. Both for the heat, but also just design.. becaysei'mnotgonnawearpurplepantswithpatchesidon'tcare.

And a more proper shot of the baseball tee I made for Shuichi
Fuwah fuwah!


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  1. dit gravitation cosplay bliver genial!

    og omg hvor er du god til at sy!!!