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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

digimon, digital monsters, digimon are the champions!

Change? YES!
I know what you're thinking, but it's not the same brown as last time XP


It's kinda lousy, and the wage isn't all that fantastic, but it's better than nothing!
Sunset Blvd. Yes yes.

I was so nervous before the interview, gawd.. but I got a free drink, and I drew my feelings on paper. *sounding emo, it's okay*
As you can see.

Can you see who I was trying to mimic? XD

Talk about the brown hair, and the adventures getting it.

I've wanted to dye it back to brown for a while.
And there was a HUGE hairdye sale at my local grocerystore... so I got two bleaches, and two light light brown.

as you may remember.. I had put blue in the black, but it didn't get any affect.

Well after bleaching it. It did;

Yes. That is green.

So hear my sound advice. Because I actually already knew this, but was stupid to ignore it.
If you have dyed any blue into your hair, or your hairdresser have (Blue is used to remove the yellow/orange scheme from blonde hair)
This is what most likely will happen when you bleach it again.

First time it've happen to me.
So don't go around saying "it happens to everyone else.", because it'll definitely happen to you.

After putting in, BOTH brown dyes, the green are almost gone, but I still have a light shine of it left.
But I might be the only one noticing it :P


  1. It looks like Sora from KH:>

  2. du har grønt hååår !
    du har grønt hååår !
    nanananana !

    (btw: en af de der dumme koder du har slået til din kommentarboks var: No Tis. LOL)