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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

just ravish them!!

And then I got my wigs!
Fuck yes yes yes!!! I was so nerveous I wouldn't get them in time, but I did!
So yay! The Shuichi one is really short, but that's okay. Try something new right? XD and I think it's cute.

I'm going to cut the Ume one tomorrow, have a headache today x_x; Gotta change lensfluid

I've been mostly working, been with my dad, and LURVEMUSTACHEBUDDYPARTNERROFLMAO
Yesterday I took her back home with me from work.
And we made Love Mustache videoes, oh internet.. you just wait >D
We will be showing you everything awesome about closet cosplay!
Our No.1 Pervy perv XD
Today I went out to eat with my dad and his grans.
It was nice, and we ate well <3 I had steak, nom nom nom

Please support our soldiers!
Most of them doesn't have a choice ;A; 

Before going, I took a few cos-pictures.
But they didn't turn out that well x_x;;

The sun was so bright, so they were either sameface or tardface, boo!



  1. haha great cosplays/pictures! (and I usually HATE cosplay lol) you're looking too damn cute! x'3

  2. Awww, you make a very cute Shuichi!

  3. fuck det er så nice med Shuichi, det hiver mig bare helt tilbage i tiden til jeg var like.. 12?!

    (lol min kode for at kommentere her var : Arto)

  4. your wigs make you look so squishy and cute! *A*