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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Posting for the sake of posting? Maybe

Oh yes. He's Barbie sized
Guess who got itself the most cool toy ever.
Ohohoho, yes, that's me. This is why I love garagesales XD
Batman is most fave actionhero EBARH!

Any gays! Me and Lovemustachebuddy have again spend some days together, and we made some more Love Mustache skits, and finally uploaded some aswell!
We still need to upload alot of skits, but we're not going to give you everything just yet, ufufufufu

Genki is still oncoming, so I have more cosplaytalk ~

Me and Zuumiezuumzuumed are also planning to make a cosplay together Ö
Like a real one! This pleases my inner social nerd XD
We're going to do Halloween Town Sora and Riku. And surprise surprise!I'm gonna be Riku Ö a manly man! omigosh XD Did I realize this before I agreed? Nope, but I'mma do it anyhow!
And we've already sorta planned out the outfit for Riku entirely, Since it doesn't exist XD

Gotta turn this, to that ->
No problem right? .... ^^;

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  1. Uhohooo little boy, you will look good and hot as Riku. :3 I can't wait to see the design you drew, to see if we have the same image in our head ^__^/
    uh and I have make 1 or 2 movies you can have yes yes. :3
    And somehow... I was thinking about TOTALLY redo Sora Anyways... I donno. XD We'll figure it out. ^^