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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post-post Genkicon

Kamiji is ready for the madness.
So... I'm the last to do a Genki con update?
I do believe so ^^;; this is the life of a working girrl~ girrrrrl GRRRL~ -___-;;

Thursday was my day off, so I did alot of preps.. like waxing. This is not fun I tell you
Ef what other people say, that crap hurts x_______x;;
I finished my cosplays and all that.

Friday I took off around 8 to Hopes place, dragging my luggage filled with cosplay, oh yeah~
We were part of the opening act, so we took off in 'school uniforms' (we sucked, so not gonna talk about it)
But the great part.. was Hopy looking like a japanese pornstar XD oh gawd yes.

Do I hear bid number one?

Ryu came later the same day. We forced her to come >D
And it was so nice hanging out the whole weekend :D <- happy smiley
Alot of nice jokes and random was definitely going on, fufufufu

The Lillith played their concert, right after our Para-workshop. They looked.. so good.
SERIOUSLY GUYS! THIS IS HOW A BAND LOOKS LIKE! ... except from Shiro's socks. wth man?

Afterwards we hanged around different places, most of us ending up next to the stage after the fashion show.
And omo omo, so many pretty girls! and some that I'm very proud to call my babeehs~ XD I was so excited, high on sugar of course, and Marc standing next to me the whole time was slowly dying laughing.

Interesting stuff happen during the late hours. Hmm... new friend maybe.
But we'll see :P

Sunday was the typical "Last day, where you just hang around because you paid for it"
Nothing much to do, or see anymore. And it was raining! The other two days had been wonderfully shiney, but then again... better than J-popcon weather XP
But it was still nice sitting around with some of my bestest friends, looking and acting weird.

Love Mustache comb. You cannot escape!

Kiba being displeased, because there was potato boats, not chips.
Darn girl, you can eat. I'll take you to a buffet sometime XD


But that's the update for now.
I've been working and figuring out cosplay stuff. Also started a toning diet with Lovemustachebuddeh, so yeah.. stuff is going on, but nothing to report~


  1. it was a very fun and nice weekend. C8 and I misses you!


    lol waxing is the most hurtful thing EVER and I got like all these small red spots on my bleeding legs so I'll NEVER, (I repeat) NEVER!!! DO! THAT! AGAIN! xD

  3. ej det gør ikke ondt at rive hår af kroppen XD
    jeg gør det næsten hver dag, når jeg keder mig plukker jeg enten øjenbryn eller river hår af ben, arme eller .. andre steder.. lol.
    Altså med en hår-pilator. Næsten det samme bare langsommere lol.

    nice cosplays!

  4. Gitte, dig og dine hår :P

    X- elsker din "sådan er søndagen til Genki"! SO TRUE!

  5. LOVE på Kakashi'erne!!! XDDD

    Waaah but it was so funny <3 next anime disco I'll stay longer so then we can dance some more. <3

    BUT LOVE ON GENKI! :3 (and kakashi.... and Brock) X[D