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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bag of Douche.

How you like my 'Douche' wig? XD Gary would be such an easy cosplay to do :P

Cosplay/Wig partay at Kiba's place?

I do believe so. Private one, but oh well~

I should visit her more, since it's only a short bus trip away really XD Blah, we're both busy, tired and lazy, sooo~
The bus left later than I thought, so I got myself some special candy (I'm a sucker for anything that looks like cheap american candy, I can't help it okay.)

It didn't taste as good as I thought it would XP

Anygays... We fixed up Kiba's hair and her Madam Red wig first, took about... two hours, so not the worst :P
Then we continued with sewing, cutting fabrics, I cut my wig and talked about our next cosplay.
And gossip. Because we're gossip buddies XD

When she didn't wanna sew anymore, I fixed up her hair, because I wanted to see if I could actually make this hairstyle.
And I could, waay~
Wasn't sprayed and styled as much as it would be, but it was just a try out, so no biggy~


When I got home I took  bath, I'm gonna miss baths sooo much!
and the bubbles, fuu <3 so nice, nom nom nom.

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