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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Cove

I'll be the first to admit, I've never given a single penny towards animal charity.
But this movie.. it's exactly what people like me need. A definite wake-up call.

I've never been too interested in dolphins, but I know whenever I've seen shots of them in documentaries or other.. they've always given me this happy or free feeling, deep inside.

Yesternight.. I tuned into the 'cultural section' of channels available to me, and since there wasn't anything else on, I stayed there to watch this documentary about dolphins, created by a man who helped 'taking' care of the dolphin posing as 'Flipper' (Movies and TV series), at first I thought it was one of those.. "Oh everything was good, la la la~", but he talked more deeply about the mind of this creature, personality, intelligence and self-awareness. It caught me.
Slowly.. it moved to show the city Taiji in Japan, where fishermen, every September, start 'fishing' for dolphins.


The drive them towards shore, into a 'pit' in the coastline, where the seal them in with nets. Here, they either get sold off, to be part of shows in places like Sea World, or the likes. The rest gets freed, right? .. No.
The remaining dolphins that've been captured that day, (not only just 4-5, no. Up to 30 or more) is taking inside a Laguna, in the same pit, but not visible to the public, where they're speared untill they die. Dying the Laguna's water red with blood. Babies as well as adult, none of them gets spared.
"well how do you know that? They're probably just saying that."
No. It's very real, and all captured on film. A 10 minute scene, of complete massacre.

the part that makes a person like me react... The killing is pointless.
Dolphin meat is poisoned. Not by us, but just naturally, human bodies cannot handle the meat and it will poison us and our future children.

I'll do my share now. Towards stopping this insanity.

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  1. i knew that that kind of stuff happened but I didnt know about this documentary so thank you for sharing!!