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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Otherwise the Jews will get out and it will not be good!

Today me and Girly met up to do some shopping!
Damn girl. I've missed you so much, we had such gewd time! Really!

Firstly we went to Stof2000, to get fabrics for my cosplay.
Then onwards to Baresso to get some coffee/ice and food.
Well I bought cheesecake XD Top any sort of food really. You know it's true!

Then to the shopping part! Waay~
We went out to look for shirts and tights for me. Boots and scarf for Jackie.
.... I bought a pair of high heel boots, oops~ 
But they're so nice! And was so cheap. Fuu <3

*insert loads of walking around in shops doing girly stuff*

Then we stopped to get some food at this 'diner'-like place called "Burgerlicious" (LAAME~)
Dang, we were tired XD the food did help a little though.

All in all, a very good day, we had much fun and inside jokes as always ~

I met a friend at the station and we took the train home together, so that was nice aswell XDD


  1. The haircolor really suits you ^^ Very cute..

  2. I love that hair color on you as well!! And that cheesecake looks delicious :]