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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Huh huh huh, huh?

It's cold and windy outside.
It'll probably rain ;A;
Dun wanna! I wanna go get dinner with Hayes, FUWARRH!
Yesh. Hayes is coming after school,, and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to make a video for YouTube.
Seriously. I need to pull myself together if I wanna become partner *sigh*

Aaand, as you probably have guessed.
I've started bleaching my hair. I couldn't help it XD
So I've bleached it thrice and using silver shampoo from now on.

I hate the orange tones in it, but I do actually kinda like the yellow ones. . . .. . . I've watched too much anime XD
But yeah. That's my new project and It's going well imo.

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  1. Er det den der shampoo der trækker de orange/røde ud af håret? For den er AWESUM! xDD

    AW; luff zha pics<3 you cats be sow cute :3