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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Infinity plus 1

I'm now a redhead yes.

Firstly.... My bestest Hayes made the most amazing three course dinner, for me and Zuums last.... saturday. And I felt so bad about not mentioning it last time! REALLY!
Because omfg... I can be kind of.. critical about certain sorts of food, especially fish (tasteless), but oh god... This. Was. So. GOOD! (I'm sure he'll post pictures on his own blog, whenever he does an update)

Hayes Boomstick

Okay, then..
Other stuff that've happen...
Sunday I went to celebrate the second of Advent (a BIG thing in the danish culture), with my mom, dad and sister.
We went for brunch, and I got the most delicious omelet with spinach <3

Look it's babytard <3 Oh I'm such a SHAYTARDS fanatic, it hurts.

Me and dad in the elevator

Afterwards we went around in the "Great mall of Lyngby", to get christmas presents and what not.
I think I got my family some pretty neat stuff <3

Batroom of the movie theatre, pretty sweet.

And AFTER THAT, we went to see Harry Potter 7, part one.
I didn't like it... well I didn't dislike it either, but it mostly seemed like all the characters beside Harry and Hermione, just did cameos. Nope. No good.
And the Hedwig thing (not gonna spoil), totally uncool.

I got these multiflavored jelly candy, and I didn't realize that it's the stuff that passes for "Berti's multiflavor beans", untill I was actually sitting in the theatre. --- Lame.

And that's another big update from me with picspam.
You know you only read my blog, because it's the only one with this many pictures XDD


  1. welcome, welcome to the world of SHAYTARDS fanatics. I carry a picture of babytard in my fucking wallet. I am.. a sick pervert.

    I want delicious food and harry potter too. :(

  2. ad harry Potter :X

    jeg kender altså ikke andre end dig der fejrer 2. advent? XD eller advent overhovedet.

  3. I shall make sure to post pictures!

    Oh awwwwh @ you + Boy.