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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I just had sex!

(and it felt so good!)

The pictures moved alongside you as you walked down the platform

This saturday, Lea, Sabine, Nadia, Hayes and me gathered together and overtook the Swedish lands of Malmö, for Okashiicon! (I know, I know, this isn't my cosplay blog, but it's not about cosplay, so hurhurhur)

The minute the train rode into the first station, I was hooked, Malmö is such an awesome place of futuristic and victorian designs, amazing, and we're already planning to go again, when the weather heats up.


The con wasn't really full of events, of what I noticed.. It had only about... 5-7 panels/events, but that's fine with me really, I don't really go to any of that stuff, so hey XD;

Okashiicon, isn't a large con, only about 300 people or so, so it was easier to socialize, and run into the same people again and again.
I talked to a lot of new people, and wasn't as shy/awkward as I actually can be at gatherings, so that was nice, DID I PLANT THE SEEDS OF FRIENDSHIP? WHO KNOWS!! (call me <3 .. but really. Do it.)

I was dressed up as kid Spock and got recognized at least once, I'm the boss. XD


Some shit almost went down, but it didn't, so whatev 8D
I had the most fun!


  1. *fivehigh* Bare for at være lidt cool :D

  2. Thanks for an OMFGAWESOME Saturday. <3

  3. It was so much fun! We must go next year, too! <3 :3

  4. Malmö is such a gorgeous city *-* I wanna go on vacation there sometime! There's so many shops and beautiful buildings!

    Friday the staff said that they had sold almost all tickets - which actually means about 500 guests ;D

    The DS pictures are sooo hilarious XD

  5. I thought you were for real about the just had sex part .... D: Im so gullible