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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Make the whole picture better

Shirt is also a gift, I love it 8D

My two christmas' are over and I've had such a nice time at both of them, unfortunately no pictures, because I was too impatient and accidently deleted  a large amount of the pictures, which I'm really sad about, but yeah. Nothing to do about that, really.

I got some great gifts, that I LOVE so much.

I also got a Jamie Oliver pan and some cooking knives, but didn't feel like digging them out.

Today my boy, Hayes, came by to just hang, since we won't see eachother at New Years, boo.
But we were just hanging and talking with MustacheRanger, and I also gave him his gift.
I'm not the type of person who's great at buying gifts, I very much prefer to make something personal.
And since I know Doctor Who, is a big fandom of his, I made him a paperdoll sheet of the 11th Doctor.

What will 2012 bring me? Firstly a hangover, because I'm getting sinfully drunk New Years eve.
Starting school again, moving and preferable just good times all over!

If I don't update till 2012.. Have an amazing New Year!

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