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Sunday, February 26, 2012

One that wasn't very nice

Today I was out shopping with my mom, and then came back home to be with my lovely ladeh.
I haven't had much money, as I've mentioned, this month, and I've really needed a sweater that actually holds heat and proper slippers, so my mom didn't hesitate and got me what I'm wearing in the picture. Ready for winter! ... or wait?

There actually weren't many people out, the end of the month and all, but I like it better like that. I get so stressed with people around me when I'm browsing, I feel like I can't take my time deciding on the different pieces I'm looking at.
Oh my gosh, these two T-shirt? ... So much of the love! If only the Star Wars shirt wasn't that hideous shade of pink, and they were printed on those ugly H&M basic Tees. Seriously, do anyone wear those? I feel they look so awkward on me, and a lot of my friends dislike the shape as well.

Work has been really stressing this week, there've been an outbreak of sickness, and almost all public institutions here have been hit. We've had to send children and co-workers home. I got it off easy last week with just one sick-day.

In other news, I've reached 6.300 subscribers today, so if anyone of you that read my blog also subscribe to my videos.. Well thank you very much 8D
I know being in Denmark I'll not be able to be a YouTube partner, at least not as of yet, but hey. I'm trying to make better videos with more interesting content, so let's see if something 'll happen in the future.

So today I worked really hard and actually wrote more text than usually, ohoho.
And in case you didn't notice... NEW EFFIN LAYOUT!
How do you like it? Is it more interesting?


  1. I love the new layout, as well you know~ amd you are just so beautiful my pretty lady <33

  2. I mark all your entries as "gay" just for the heck of it ;)
    I dig your sweater btw! IT'S SEXUAL.

  3. Helt stille, snuske. Jeg arbejder på det >: D (måske)