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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Since I had the time today, I decided I wanted to finally get out of the house and take a little trip to Lyngby /Didn't want to deal with the wind and people in Copenhagen.
And got myself some stuff, and gifts for people that I raburabu

Yesterday I went with my dad and sister to McDonald's, just for some chill time /I only go when I'm invited, others.. I'd rather eat ryebread, haha. I always put my food out on a napkin like that, I need a good overview of what I'm eating, haha.
Me and Mustacheer have also done a small practice video for a bigger one I want to make, so awkward and so fun and so bothersome. We'll hopefully get to shoot more this weekend.
Also I've started dancing every night again, just because I think I should, instead of being lazy, so yeah. That right there is my square body, so femme! 8D

Today I got myself ready, noticed I had a scratch on my cheek.. don't know where that came from really.
I went to Chao Chao, a Chinese trinket store, which has all sorts of stuff, I really like going there, since it's like eBay, only in real life!
Also, more awesome shirts from H&M, I wish I could wear the Robocop one, but a square print, doesn't look good on a square body with wide shoulders. I got myself another design, so scroll down to see it!

Always when I get home from shopping I have to spread EVERYTHING out on my bed and just enjoy it!
I bought a mirror in Chao Chao, it was a little bigger than I thought, compared to my regular one, but I wanted something prettier for my Tinker-room~
Painted my old TV- silver, but you can't really see that on the second picture /Watching Linie 3
And got two plastic rose wines, As said before, I love the look of flowers, I just can't keep them alive, so fake ones are great!

And here we go! I bought a Space Invaders design, I was sold the minute I saw it, the colors are very vibrant in real life, looks so good.
And also a Monki sweater, the first item from there that I bough without it being on sale, haha. But I just loved the print, I had to get it!

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