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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trey "the noogie-machine" Plat

This weekend was spend with my girl and friends. And movies. Good times.

Since there've been a lot of sickness at my workplace, virus going 'bout town, dislike?
Anycase, my boss thought we'd done a great job covering each others shifts and taking extra hours, and rewarded us with some flowers. Oh, I sooo work with middle-aged women! But I thought it was sweet and the flowers were really beautiful.

Also at work, I'm the assigned "card maker", so every birthday at work, I'm the one making cards, it's really fun, but I'm usually under some pressure, since I get like two hours notice, AT WORK, which means, taking care of the children and making/WRITING a nice card, and also keep it secret from the receiver. My life is so hard.

Friday evening we dyed Mie's hair, and she'll probably/hopefully post some pictures of the amazing result on her blog, so check that out!
Before we did that, we went on a date, celebrating 9 months, at a local Chinese restaurant, we ate way too much, and just had a really nice time.

Saturday we celebrated Nadia's birthday, with a lot of friends, very comfortable mood and good food/cake, thank you for inviting me Nadia, herp derp.
Sunday was nerdy and chill time


  1. Ughhh you guise so cute T_T AND WAE THERE NO FOOD PORN? :C

  2. You two are just... d'aaaaw! :D

    I totally dig Mie's new hair! And I bet you make awesome cards :D

  3. Btw loser-face.. I tagged you >: D