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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'll come on up to ya

Goodbye pale face!

Oh god, I'm so excited for the weather heating up, wearing shorts and t-shirts OUTSIDE, that's the stuff.

Work is a little tiresome, mostly because I keep getting a sore throat, everybody has the cough and small children don't really know how to constrict bacterias and they want to rub their face against yours, mmmh I love the feel of flem against my face in the morning .

I've started listening to audiobooks as well, since my doctor thinks I'm starting to showing my stress-tendencies again, so giving movies a break and doing that instead, and I think it helps, right now I'm switching back and forth from "the Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "the Hunger Games".
I got "the Hunger Games" for free at

Thursday, my "oooold" friend, Jackie came by to visit and we went about town for a few hours and then headed to my place to do le talking and le gossiping, oh yeah. No pictures, but it was great seeing her again, and hope it won't take this long for us to see each other again.

Saturday I borrowed my moms car and went to the birthday party of Line, I was really happy that I went, even though I was a little beat, it was great seeing a lot of my friends, that I haven't seen in a while and just do some more bonding, and we played a really great game /that we're gonna copy for le Mustache, oh snap.
Going home, the fog from morning had settled more heavily, and I could see about 30 meters ahead, and no cars around that late, modern Silent Hill, what~

I dunno why, I just thought it'd be fun to show you all what stuff I use in my usual "beauty" routine.
Seeing it like this I'm like "whoa, that's a lot!" but putting it on, I know it really isn't.

In other things related to my life, I've been talking with my mom about my future tattoo. She herself has two, one visible on her index finger and one on her back hip, and she's really supportive about me getting one, almost excited, but she doesn't get the concept I want at all, haha. She talks about fairies with colors and things that takes up WAAAAY more space than I want it to.

Of course not getting these and maybe not in these spots, but I like simple stand-alone tattoos like this

The design will without a doubt be something inspired by the character and story of Peter Pan, if any of you have any ideas for inspiration, DO TELL.
I've been considering a red eagle feater, for his "native American" name, but with my red hair /I know it's not permanent, but there's an obvious reason why I dye my hair red xD, I think it might be a little too much.

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