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Sunday, March 18, 2012

You'll need a pair of boots

My 'photo album' started to get cluttered, so I figured I should update my blog about this past week.
Of course there's always work work work. At the moment I'm looking to be transfered some place else, but as of right now.. Not much is happening, but I'm keeping on.

I've gotten a wee-bit obsession with nail polishes, so I went downtown to get me some new ones, and just take a stroll around.

No they're not all mine, borrowed from Mustacheer2.

I definitely like the 'cosmos' ones, the best, but I can't wait to use the silver one more! /and just become better at doing nails all in all, my girl 's promised to do some Captain American inspi' ones some time, oooh excitement!

Friday I went to have dinner with my mom and siblings, I ate lots of pork, potatoes and sauce, so good!
We danced and we sang, loads of fun, we even filmed some, but that's extremely private /oh god we're so attractive I don't even.

And I also wanted to show one of the best gifts I've ever given to my mom.
A jar of pixie dust and a package filled with love.

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