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Friday, May 11, 2012

You guys look like you're being held captive

Been a while since I updated hasn't it? Sorry, I guess life has just been happening, oh yeah.~
Let's see, where to start... I guess I'll jump on the Sakura festival stuff.

I attended the Copenhagen Sakura festival with my girl and frenchmustachekid, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or not, until we were there and met up with all of the friendsies, that helped a lot on my mood, since the weather was so crappy and cold /but my love made amazing food, so didn't complain 8D

Me and Mie, celebrated our 11 months anniversary, by going to a mall in Denmark called, Fisketorvet, had some good burger-dinner and watched the Avengers /all of my love for Captain America's ass, and all the tears of good humor!
the upcoming weekend we went to my sisters Confirmation, so she met my family for the first time, and they were all really nice to her /a good thing, since my family can be fucking ass'.

Today I had a day off, so I took the car I'm borrowing from my dad and drove to Lyngby, and met up with the Nancakes /you've probably heard of her. I had to get myself a skipping rope and some stuff at the beauty store, came home with... A LOT more 8D



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    1. Thank you! In clear/direct light, they shine through amazingly! Want to get them in every color, haha

  2. ohh I love your hair!! such cute pictures!