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Friday, January 18, 2013

Countryside of Japan

For Christmas, me and Mie went to her dads place, which is out in the country, like way out. I wanted to share the structures in the area we were in.

Due note that this place isn't a normal town, the houses are very modern and inspired by western houses, though clearly they aren't. It is a collection of houses, and all stores or anything citylike is at least 20 minutes away by car, if you do not include one Lawson gas-station.

As you can see it's not traditional japanese houses, but the thing is that japanese people want their rooms in a specific way and in special formats which western house-designs isn't really meant, which results in these very unique buildings.

Most houses have a front-yard and that's about it, the houses are still very close together (like 70cm from wall to wall), but they do work with what they got!

But just because you live way out in the country doesn't mean you can't have a little flair, now does it?

The first part of this video is about Christmas and the countryside, so if you want to see some live-action, then watch it, why don't you.

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