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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Purikura Collection

Of course purikura is a part of being in Japan, especially when you're with a wonderful girl that you get to call girlfriend.
So here is my share of some of the pictures that we have taken. They're lovely memories for me, even though I'm really sorry that I edited some of these, because oh my gosh, it's not a skill that I got.

Pictures from our first set, and I think that these was taken in Harajuku, but oh gosh, hard to memorize all the places, and I edited both of these... horrible, haha.

The left picture is one of my fave's of us, and I think the machine treated us very well, and what can I say, Mie looks freaking beautiful!

These pictures were specially taken for our lovely tard, Aybike, just imagine her standing between us in the second picture 8D /and do we look like true animu characters in the first picture or what?

Left one is my edit, much better than the first one, yes?

I just love the collab picture and I'm so happy we got it transferred to have on the computer, it's just a really fun way to have all the pictures in a set.
And do I need to mention our legs in the second one? Booyah!

These shots are from the Rumor booth, and oh gosh, it was so weird, a totally different way of taking pictures, the camera actually changed angle and you can see it's a better quality than most other machines. Yup, awesome machine.

Our last set together, and well... yeah. We look adorbs, alright.

You should also watch Mie's video about doing purikura!

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