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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Japan Shopping-Haul

I decided to just make ONE collective haul of interesting stuff I got in Japan, spreading it out over several posts would be hell and frankly, this is just way easier for lazy people like me!

I'm not very clear on the brands of everything, but will do my best, so yeah. I will still list what everything is, just because it might be hard to see in some pictures.
1 pair of boots ✖ 1 brown hairdye ✖ 2 oversized shirts ✖ 1 claire's silver ring with embedded cross ✖ 1 cross necklace ✖ 1 pair of tights with thigh high illusion ✖ 1 pair of scizzors ✖ 1 hair razor ✖ 1 pack of eyebrow razors ✖ 1 baseball Galaxy shirt

Can I just tell you how much I love these boots? They're super comfortable and just.. they look awesome, what can I say, I'm so happy they were the first pair of shoes I bought!

1 set of Peter Pan giftcards ✖ Peter Pan secret book

I'm so happy I found this merchandise in Disney Land, it was really hard to find actually, but the last place we went, the Walt Disney Animation Gallery, had these awesome items. Fuu yes!

1 'boot' of Smile PreCure! candy ✖ 1 Hysteric Glamour T-shirt ✖ 1 Darth Vader T-shirt (wearing it) ✖ 1 false eyelash container ✖ 1 set of Disney Resort free-passes ✖ 1 pair of Darth Vader chopsticks ✖ 6 chocolate candy types ✖
100 USD

Got a lot of stuff from Torben (Mie's dad) and Norie, and I was so close to tears, just because I wouldn't have thought they would actually do that, sooo nice! And the amazing Star Wars stuff from my girl <3 br="br">The dollars are from my dad, because in his words; "Dollars works everywhere"

1 black mascara ✖ 1 wallet ✖ 1 button-down ✖ 1 eyelash glue ✖ 2 figurines for my siblings ✖ 1 Kaworu Nagisa figurine ✖ 1 set of purikura

I just.. I needed the Kaworu figurine for my husband collection, just. He's so cute you guys! And trying purikura was fun and stressful, all at the same time.

1 baseball Superman shirt ✖ 1 oversized shirt with different crosses ✖ 1 set of shoelifts ✖ 1 set of eyelashes ✖ 1 BB-cream ✖ 1 Princess Princess Princess art-book ✖ 1 Rain: It's Raining album

I said to myself that I shouldn't buy any artbooks because they just weigh a lot and do I really appreciate them enough to buy them? Well I found this in the store Book Off that sells used books/movies/cd's/etc for a really nice price, so... couldn't help myself, haha.
And also my first BB cream, and oh gosh you guys... How have I ever lived without it?

1 black cross hoodie ✖ 1 pair of boots ✖ Purple Directions hairdye ✖ Collar-cuffs

Those boots are really not something I'd ever see myself buy, but after passing them several times, Ijust knew that I needed a pair, especially when the New Years sale started and they were freakishly cheap!

1 pair of tattoo tights ✖ 1 golden skeleton hands necklace
I saw these tights long ago on tumblr, and when I found them in an indie-store in Japan I was all over these badboys, they are so awesome!

1 black studded wristband ✖ 1 set of golden earings ✖ 1 golden crown ✖ 1 golden cuff ✖ 1 golden Lightningbolt ring ✖ 1 set of gold studs.
I've also been one to only wear silver jewelry, but I've just really found a love for golden jewelry while in Japan, it just warms up outfits!

1 pack of dried mango ✖ 1 CHOKI CHOKI Blue magazine ✖ 1 Dolly Wink eyeliner.

I wanted to et some hairstyle magazine's, unfortunately for me... Bobs have taken over Japan, they are everywhere and almost every Japanese girl who follows some sort of fashion has it. And to put it mildly... from a hairdressers perspective... I hate them. They look cute and all, but they just get boring. Therefore I only got magazine's for guys, which I'm very happy about!
The Dolly Wink eyeliner, hmmm, not so much. It's good for precision, like the inner corner of your eye, but if you're the type to put on eye shadow before eyeliner, don't expect amazing results unless you really want to spend the extra time.

2 sale packs of false eyelashes ✖ 1 MEN'S EGG Hair ✖ 1 pair of Jeggins ✖ 1 pair of tattoo-stockings
About 30 DKR for 6-7 packs of eyelashes + case, is just amazing, so my excuse for it was 'cosplay', haha.

1 ANAP shirt ✖ 1 ANAP oversize shirt ✖ 1 ANAP tights ✖ 1 pack of false eyelashes ✖ 3 Kira Imai postcards

ANAP is a brand I didn't know about before, but I can safely say now that it's a brand that I've grown sooo fond of, they had a lot of awesome stuff, and on sale too, my gosh.

1 Devil-horn hair-thing ✖ 1 grey pair of Tattoo-tights ✖ 1 pair of boots ✖ 1 pair of glitter socks ✖ 1 pack CANMAKE concealer powder
I've eyed the devil-horns since I arrived, and when I found a pair for just Y500 I just had to get them.
The CANMAKE powder... just... oh my god. No wonder japanese girls have such clear looking skin, this is amazing, and it was so cheap.

1 G.U dress-tank top ✖ 1 H&M Dress ✖ 1 pair of  H&M black Jeans ✖ 2 G.U shorts
Yes. You are seeing 'dress' two times. The first one not as impressive, the second.. YES. It is a dress. I've wanted one like this in forever. SHUT UP.
But oh gosh, you guys... the japanese H&M is amazing! Eventhough you have H&M in your country, don't hold back, you should really go.

1 set of Sakurina bottom-lashes ✖ 1 pair of NGE earplugs ✖ 1 pair of cross-tights ✖ 1 golden cross-bracelet ✖ 1 pair of earings ✖ 1 black shoulder-bag ✖ 1 eagle emblem ✖ 1 eyeball pin ✖ 1 golden/red soundwave necklace ✖ 1 Mustache pin ✖ 1 set of eyeball socks
The NGE headphones! THEY ARE JUST! Ngh <3 about="about" and="and" but="but" div="div" dunno="dunno" eyeballs="eyeballs" guys...="guys..." hated="hated" i="i" just="just" love.="love." needed="needed" some.="some." suddenly...="suddenly..." the="the" them="them" then="then" ve="ve" you="you">

1 set of moisturizers ✖ 1 pair of red boots ✖ 1 pack of dried mangoes /they're good, okay? ✖ 1 pack of haircolor intensifier ✖ 1 bottle of face-scrub ✖ 1 set of black/silver earrings ✖ 1 pack of Dolly Wink bottom lashes ✖ 1 pack of false eyelashes.

BEST FACIAL SCRUB EVER! It kept my skin clean while living in one of the most busiest cities in the world. And yes, more lashes.

1 USA backpack ✖ 1 Tiger/Sheep(?) pin ✖ 1 wool scarf ✖ 1 see-through button-up ✖ 1 spike necklace ✖ 1 SBY folding mirror ✖ 2 packs of eyelashes ✖ 1 Tunic ✖ 1 silver Crosses necklaces
That scarf, oh my god. It's amazing! So warm and comfortable + huge.

1 pair comfy socks ✖ 1 make-up box w. Powder + blush ✖ 2 pair of stockings ✖ 1 pair of lifts ✖ 1 set of silicone pads for boots ✖ 2 golden necklaces ✖ 1 silver mustache necklace ✖ 1 two-finger Wing ring ✖ White hairpin roses for cosplay

Cheap 4,5cm lifts, perfect for cosplay you guys! Pass it on.
I have no idea what the powder is though, since it's not that clear on the box.

And that's pretty much it, I have missed a few stuff, but you will probably survive. I'm very happy with the stuff I got and it has revived the way that I want to dress!


  1. Do you guys know japanese? :D or you just go by talking english? and wooow so many things<3

    1. Mie talks a fair bit of japanese, since she's been studying it for 3 years now. When I was alone I got by with what I knew myself. Just using english is really a problem, because most japanese learn english in the written form, not from speaking it, and even if they speak it, their accents are heavy.

    2. Oh, i see! you got an advantage since ur friend knew how to get around. did u actually had any trouble there because of thew few you knew? or are u always with ur friend?

    3. When Mie was in school, I was by myself, but I was just walking around Shinjuku and did some shopping, which was no trouble. At other times I was with her.

  2. That's A LOT of stuff!!! oh damm I wanna go to Japan too ):

  3. Wauw, there is a lot of items here! It's amazing! <3

  4. That is just eyegasm fashion stuff all over right there, omg do want<3