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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Get On My Body: ROMWE and Causeway Mall

I'm sorry I'm so inactive on here, I've been very busy with exams and making my cosplays for Desucon 8, which you can read about here.
But alas, my face is still popping up elsewhere, like on thekamirenee on instagram or bcuzisayso on tumblr!

But until I get started on the crazy party life, here's another ROMWE wishlist 8D and a little CausewayMall

"LUV & Hate Heart" Black Leggings -- 14.54 USD || Little Flower Print Shirt -- 20.99 USD

Can we just talk about how much I'm in love with this King Deer shirt? Like holy christ, the print with the colors and a deer and yessssssssss
"King Deer" T-shirt -- 21.67 USD

From Causeway Mall

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