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Saturday, July 13, 2013

White Hair: Toner guide + Reviews

Despite what you may theories from the first photo,
this is not going to be about drinking, but about getting that white hair that I'm sporting right there.

Firstly, you just have to deal with the fact that you are going to be needing toning, if you want to have white/platinum hair, okay good.
NOW! As a student, I don't have the money to go to the hairdressers two times a month for 'maintenance' or the most expensive brands, I've learned to get the best out of what I have.

There's a lot of silver shampoo/conditioners and toners out there, and I have yet to find my favorite, but these are the products I'm working with currently.

Directions semi-permanent color - VIOLET
Usual use: For coloring hair violet. Can be used until tub is empty
Texture: Thicker than bottle coloring and conditioner.
If you're confident and a little cocky, this is a really good choice, since the tub will last a while, because of the minimal color amount needed for mixing.

How to use with white hair: To be mixed with either shampoo or conditioner, to create your own toner, do mind that this being a strong color, be careful how much dye you mix, too much and it will stain your hair.
DIY Difficulty: 
Would repurchase: Yes 

Dennis Knudsen Silver SHAMPOO
Usual use: Cleansing and toning hair.
Texture: Very liquid.
This is definitely meant to be a toning shampoo, there's not any extra additives to repair your hair, if your hair is naturally dry (probably, because you bleached it) your hair will feel like that, not soft or healthier as most shampoo's do.

How to use with white hair: This product is meant to be applied unmixed, but I have found that it will almost without fail stain your hair bad if you do not mix it up with a shampoo.
DIY Difficulty: 
Afforability: ✧ - Product will last long
Would repurchase: If on sale

FUDGE paintbox - Whiter shade of pale
Usual use: Toning blonde hair
Texture: As a thick conditioner.
Perfect if you're new to toning your hair, and want to take it easy.

How to use with white hair: This is a toner, which means it should be applied with gloves, and can also be applied in dry hair for that extra kick (you will use more product this way though), add it before your conditioner, let it sit, add conditioner and rinse out.
DIY Difficulty: ✧ - Easy to use, but CAN stain
Afforability: ✧ - It works, but quickly used up
Would repurchase: No - Too slow for me

Sacha Juan Silver Conditioner
Usual use: Toning and Conditioning
Texture: Very thick conditioner.
Bought on a whim, because it was on sale. A very good medium toner, which won't stain too much. Conditions your hair nicely.

How to use with white hair: Meant to be unmixed, but if you do not mix it, you have to be quick with applying and rinsing out. I always mix it up to get more out of the product, and then you don't have to be as quick about it.
DIY Difficulty: 
Would repurchase: Yes

And here to let you see the different gradients of the products, and the strength, starting with harshest from the left.
If you're in doubt when buying a silver shampoo about its potency, it's always good to check out how dark the color is, the darker the liquid, the stronger the toning.

Sometimes... against all luck, you might stain your hair, and you're going to a party tonight, aaand no way you're going with violet stains in your hair - well fear no more.
Get yourself a 'safety net shampoo', Anti-Dandruff shampoo. This product will strip the color from your hair, and 'bring it back to zero'.

I hope this was somehow helpful to all of you blondes out there!

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