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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OOTD: Cotten candy Hipster

I don't even know with that title honestly haha, but today my hair looked like cotten candy, because I did my roots yesterday, and they still have the yellow hue (didn't use enough toner in the bleach), really gotta just buy my  regular bleach, I can't stand the brassy results, haha

ANYWAYS - Wore one of my new T-shirts and a pair of jeans I got at H&M in ... Norway, I think. They have an awesome scales print and thought they brought some glam to this simple outfit 8D
(Yep, super fab)

Maybe I should make it my mission to actually get up early and do myself up, it's hard, but I felt way more comfortable at school, instead of getting all the looks of pity (SORRY MY CLEAN FACE LOOKS SICKLY)
I really like sleeping though........

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