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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Outfit and THE SALES

Middleschool me and a cameo of 18-yearold me as well

Thursday I met up with my favorite mustachefighter, to do some end of the month shopping and greasy chinese food.

As you can see my local mall is very ambitious with their Christmas decorations.
Such Christmas
Much Glitter
Very Snow

My favorite shops are the ones that has more DVD's than I own, and I was on a hunt for a movie I've had on my To Watch list in forever, and since I'm obsessed with one of the songs, I figured I might as well pay for it.

Yep, Burlesque. I've heard mostly bad about this movie, the whole "singers-to-actors" commotion, but wanted to judge for myself, and really.. Cher and Christina Aguilera is both crazy bamf.

Afterwards we went on to look at some clothes, the sales. Rice crispies, the sales. And also... can we talk about why the heck T-shirts get so popular in the winter time? I'm not saying I mind, I mean heck, yes please more T-shirts thank you.

Ps: Someone buy this for me in a small? I mean omg yes.

Also elf-cosmetics were on sale, so decided to try out two products that I've eyed before, I hear a lot of bad and a lot of good about this brand, about very different products, so can't wait to try it out myself.

Got a new T-shirt from MONKI, which is so soft grunge pastel goth I'm gonna die, but I just like it so much, guh. And I know, I'm using those jeans a lot, but honestly... They're one of the only pairs of pants I have that fits me tightly. (And they're awesome so no regrets!!)

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